Accounting Tips

Whether you already own a home or are considering buying one, you should be aware of the many tax benefits that go along with home ownership. There are plenty of reasons for owning a home, including the potential for capital appreciation and the fact that many of the costs are tax deductible, while rent

Millions of U.S. taxpayers engage in hobbies such as collecting stamps or coins, refurbishing old cars, making crafts, painting or breeding horses, and the list goes on.

Some hobbies will actually generate income, and some will even evolve into businesses. The tax treatment of hobbies with income is quite different than that of a trade or business, and making the distinction can be


The holiday season is upon us.  Department stores have taken down Halloween and have almost completely skipped over Thanksgiving to begin displaying Christmas decorations.  If you haven’t already started thinking about your holiday gift giving, you could find yourself scrambling at the last minute – and that’s never good.  Before you know it, you’re rushing “willy-nilly” through the aisles of the department store and grabbing up anything you can find without considering the cost.  So, here are

Whether you’re just starting out, or you have an established business, you make choices every day for the growth of your business.  Each choice affects your success.  One decision that is very important, is how you will manage your financial records.  There are several key considerations when you make your choice.

An effective system for accounting is critical to your company’s health.  The right accounting solution helps

Recently I posted an article from the IRS to our Pricewise Facebook page that stated the names of companies contracting with the IRS for the purpose of collecting on overdue federal tax debts.  I stated at that time that I would post a subsequent blog article regarding your rights as a consumer under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Well, here it is.

Dealing with financial trouble can be difficult and stressful.  But when you have a debt collector who is harassing you and using unscrupulous methods, it can make matters worse.  The good news is you do have some rights when it comes to